Kind of a odd picture but spent the day with these boys at the beach (:
04.06.14 /22:03
Lunch with @carlajanine  (:
@foreverjoanna_ you missed out. Loser.
03.15.14 /20:08
just a little birthday gifts …could I ask for anymore cake (:
03.14.14 /17:42
If I had it my way I’d roll out of bed
Say bout 2:30 mid day
Hit the blunt then, hit you up to come over to my place
You show up right away
We make love then and then we fuck 
And then you’d give me my space
03.13.14 /12:32
So a random customer got me chocolates (:
03.11.14 /17:02
Yesterday at mission beach (:
03.11.14 /14:16
We’re having a BOY!!! (: 
 I’m so happy for you best friend <3 @maaarcia
03.09.14 /17:06
It’s a boy (:  baby Ezra!!!!
03.09.14 /17:02
Canvas  by  andbamnan
thomass <3>